About Us

There are few things more frustrating than dealing with psoriasis. The itchy, flaky skin can be embarrassing and uncomfortable. And traditional treatments can be expensive and time-consuming. BuyLymphSlim is committed to solving skin troubles for people and making people healthier and more confident.

Not only for the body to look good, we also encourage consumers to lose weight to achieve a healthier body, taking our product lymphslim Ultrasonic Lymphatic Body Shaper as an example.

Founded in 1956, Maximum Distributors Inc offers a wide range of body-shaping products and we are always expanding our product line to ensure that we are able to offer our customers the best treatment. We have a team of experts who are always available to answer any questions that our customers may have. 

Our Mission

We are committed to Helping consumers get the body shape they want and become healthier and more confident.

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Email: support@takelymphslim.com